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Name:  Lex Arquette
Age: 32
Occupation: Hacker
Favorite Movie:  Fight Club
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Roxer 1.0 - coming soon...

Roxer went into public Beta in January of 2008. Since then, more than 20,000 people have enjoyed creating their own free webpages through our Beta program. This has resulted in hundreds of suggestions, bug fixes, and feature requests which have had a tremendous impact in shaping what Roxer is, and will become.

I'm proud to announce an upcoming, new, major release - Roxer 1.0. It's been a year in the making and comes with a beautifully enhanced "Glass" user interface, innovative new features, and most importantly a rewritten, rock-solid foundation.
With this release there is a primary focus on stability, which by far was most requested by our beta testers. Everything from Boxes to the "Glass" UI has been rebuilt to accommodate this. We're still keeping Roxer's UI familiar, simple, and fun, but have completely reworked it's complex underpinnings.
The "Glass" UI library which powers the Toolbar and all Dialogs has been rebuilt from the ground up with a more refined look and better responsiveness. Some of the more crucial Dialogs such as the "Color Picker" have been heavily updated as well. I've included a couple of screenshots, w/ more to come.

We had to make the difficult choice to halt feature additions and bug fixes on our current version of Roxer and focus our energy on the upcoming version. There are some outstanding bugs that we're aware of and we're asking for everyone's patience as we go through this transition. We understand that many of you are PowerUsers and may not be willing to wait this out. If this is the case, please contact us directly and we'll make sure you're taken care of.

We still have months more development ahead of us but I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know about this exciting news. Thanks to everyone for being so patient through our Beta!


Introducing "Power User" accounts

We've just released a brand new account type that's focused on giving Roxer websites a more professional presence. The main features are:

- Removal of all Roxer branding, ads, logo's, etc
- Domain name support. You can use a domain like: '"

To learn more, check out our Power User page.


And we're back...

Sorry for the outage today everyone. Roxer does it's hosting through Amazon Web Services, and they had a very long hiccup this morning.  This is very rare for them and something that's only happened a handful of times in the past couple of years. Everything is working properly now.


Introducing a better Background Selector

We've added a shiny new button to the Toolbar called "Background". Press it and you'll get a nice palette of patterns and colors as well as the option to upload an image as a background. Here's what it looks like:

There are a few other places within Roxer that still uses the old interface for setting backgrounds.  Have no fear, they will be updated with this new version once we're sure it's bug free.


YouTube is back!

Shortly after our Beta launch months back we removed the YouTube Box due to technical difficulties.  We now have a brand new YouTube Box that's working quite nicely. What's especially nifty is how easily it can be configured. You can enter the standard "embed" code that YouTube provides, or you can just use the URL of the movie. You can even enter just the YouTube id. Easy, eh?
We're hoping the next version will be configurable by just yelling the movie at your computer screen. "Evolution of DANCE!!" ;)


A much speedier Roxer

We've spent the last few weeks drastically improving Roxer's speed.  There were a bunch of simple tasks that would take way, way too long to complete that are now streamlined and fast. For example Locking a new page for the first time would often take up to a minute.  Now it takes just a few seconds. Also, page load time in general has been greatly improved.
A big, annoying "popup" bug has been fixed as well. It would pop up when locking a page and would read:

"There was a problem locking all of your Boxes. Please try again later."

That one was a tricky one and took about a week to fix. Sorry for the annoyance everyone.

We're working on something big right now. Something that Roxer has been in dire need of since the beginning. It'll still be a few weeks until it's released, but I promise it will be cool.


Features & Fixes

Llana just sent out an email covering the last big wave of "Features n' Fixes", but I thought I'd mention them here too since our emails get eaten by SPAM monsters occasionally.

"Share this page"
We really wanted to offer an easy way to let friends and family know about the pages you build.  Copying a URL, then composing an email is a bit cumbersome, so instead we've added a little button to the Toolbar in the shape of a bullhorn.  When you're on a page that you've created you can press it and a little field will appear where you can enter an email address.  A link your page will get sent to that address.  Too see what it's like try sending one to yourself.  For now this feature only works on your own pages, but soon you'll be able to use it from any Roxer page.

Linking made Easy
This is actually my favorite improvement.  We've made it much, much easier to create hyperlinks.  Now, when you want to link to something you're presented with a list of options - "One of my Roxer pages", "An email address", or "Somewhere else". Selecting the first option will give you an actual sitemap complete with thumbnail pictures of each of your Roxer pages. You simply click on the picture of the page you want to link to and your done!
The "An email address" option gives you a field that you type an email address into; no "mailto:" needed.
"Somewhere else" gives you a "smart" field that lets you manually enter the URL to any web page or file on the web, but also helps you with the syntax of what's being entered before setting it.
And finally, we've also added the ability to edit existing links.

Comments Box
This has been updated to allow anyone to post a comment. By "anyone" we mean you (the admin), Roxer users, and non-Roxer users.  But what if some strange posts something you don't like? Well, we've added a nifty "delete" button next to every post.

Beta Survey
You might be asking yourself "Why is that bug I saw a month a go still not fixed?".  It might be because we don't know about it! We've put together a simple 5 question survey to get a feel for where we need to improve.  We could use the help if you could spare a moment:Take our Beta Survey

Bug Fixes
- In some cases, "Locking" wasn't saving changes, now it does.
- Uploading images that were too big would cause the upload progress meter to never end. Now there's a warning, and uploader can be used again.
- "Delete" button actually deletes stuff. Previously only worked with "Backspace".
- Pressing "Enter" in the "Add a link" form now won't move the page.
- Key commands no longer execute when typing into the "Add Image from URL" field.
- Double clicking text would "select all", but when you began typing the font style was lost leaving you typing in unstyled text.
- "Done" button in "Settings" window wasn't actually saving changes before closing the window.
- Usernames can now be up to 32 letters long.

Roxer Sites
We stumbled upon some sites that caught our eye:
- (spanish)


Roxer goes live!

I'm excited to announce that after years of development and countless late nights, "Roxer" is finally live.  We've opened the doors and are letting people tinker around with it as a public Beta.  Is it done? No. Bugs? Most likely yes, but we're working like doozers to smooth out the kinks.  If there's anything that's not working properly please drop us an email and we'll fix it.  Also, if you have any ideas or suggestions please send them our way as well.

Stay tuned, we have a few more tricks up our sleeve :)

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